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top mlm companies in nigeria 2019Exclusive: The 20 Top MLM and Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria 2019

Looking for the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2019?

Well, you’re in the right place! Keep reading!

First, I gotta say that I’m very proud of Nigeria my country.

Most Nigerians have this fighting spirit and always fight to overcome all odds.

Because of the economy, most Nigerians are open to the idea of starting a side hustle to complement their day jobs.

And because of this,  Network Marketing has taken off and gained widespread acceptance in Nigeria.

In fact, most MLM companies who want to open up Africa usually start with Nigeria.

A legitimate Network Marketing Opportunity will have a tangible product attached to it, which can be sold in the marketplace without the MLM side or not.

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So in this post, I am going to share the top MLM and Network Marketing companies In Nigeria for 2019!

FOR 2020: Top MLM Companies in nigeria 2020

The 20 Top MLM Companies In Nigeria 2019

This list is subjective and based on my independent research, and is in no order of ranking.  

Some of my criteria were

  • Company age in Nigeria
  • Company reputation
  • Reviews and product testimonials
  • Whether the company has a physical presence in Nigeria

If the company is a product-based company or not if not then for me, that’s a pyramid/Ponzi scheme and I do not support that.

So let’s get into the 20 top MLM companies in Nigeria for 2019!

Again, this list is in no order of ranking.

#20 Max International

A global health and wellness network marketing company with a range of products based on glutathione.

They are doing well in Nigeria and their compensation plan gives great incentives to the serious networker.

#19 IML (iMarkets Live)

This forex based MLM took Nigeria by storm and helped open the eyes of many Nigerians to opportunities in the forex market.

If you are interested in forex, then this might be something you may want to check out.

#18 Pure Life

This health and wellness MLM recently began operations in Nigeria, with the aim of expanding all over Africa.

According to their website, their flagship wellness product is called CORE4 and includes HealthTrim® Cleanse, GoYin, Daily Build and ENERGY.

#17 Tiens

This is one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria and well established.

They operate in over 190 countries worldwide including Nigeria.

Also, their products span health, wellness, as well as some home care products.

Their compensation plan also allows serious marketers to earn great incentives.

#16 Greenworld

Greenworld promotes TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is one of the cheaper MLM companies to join in Nigeria.

Their products span health and beauty, all based on Chinese medicine.

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#15 GNLD

This is a solid company which has been around for years, with a variety of solid wellness products.

The opportunity is a good one to join, only if some of their reps change the way they promote the opportunity.

#14 Kedi Care

Kedi has been around since 2006 and features a wide range of Chinese wellness products. It’s quite cheap to get started.  There’s also no further purchase required after registration and no monthly targets.

#13  Tasly

Tasly is a global MLM giant with a wide range of wellness products spanning personal care and health and wellness.

#12  Edmark

A Malaysian MLM,  Edmark has spread all over the world, especially in Nigeria.

Their products are in health and wellness, centered around energy drinks, weight loss, etc.

#11 Avenues To Wealth

This is a 100 percent Nigerian MLM company headed by Adeolu Akinyemi.

The company has been around for quite a while and used to market Ruzu Bitters (Natures Pure Miracle).

They now market a new bitters product called RIDA bitters.

A2W offers loads of personal development and training to grow you and your business.

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#10  Royale Business Club

Founded in 2006, this Philippines based company engages in the marketing of supplements, beauty products, and powdered beverages. 

You can read my royale business club MLM review here.

#9 Niwi International

This company is relatively new in Nigeria, and are from the Philippines. 

They deal with enzyme-based wellness products and their flagship product is an enzyme drink called Nature’s wealth liquid enzymes.

#8  Rain International

The company was founded in 2009 with a team of over 40 years of MLM experience.

Their health and wellness products are seed-based, and they also boast a great compensation plan.

#7 Boss International

This is a major Philippines based MLM company with over 43,000 distributors and which has recently opened in Nigeria

#6  Immeri

Also relatively new in Nigeria, this multinational company also deals with wellness products ranging from a vaginal gel for women to general digestive enzyme supplements.

#5 Alliance In Motion Global

AIM Global is the biggest MLM giant out of the Philippines with branches ALL over the world.

The company and products are a hit in African countries, especially in Nigeria.

This is indeed one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2019.

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#4  Longrich Bioscience

This Chinese MLM company has branches all over the world, especially in Nigeria.

If you’re talking about the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2019, you can’t leave out longrich.

Their range of wellness products are good quality, and the opportunity is a great one to join as well.

Longrich is presently making waves in the Nigerian MLM Space.

#3 Oriflame

This Swedish cosmetic giant is one of the oldest MLM companies in the world, founded in 1967.

If you love makeup and beauty products, then you should definitely consider Oriflame.

Their leaders provide lots of digital marketing training for reps to grow their business.

Read my Oriflame Nigeria MLM review here.

#2 Forever Living

Founded in 1978. Forever Living has become a household name with its range of aloe products from weight loss to skin care, etc.

Forever Living has been in Nigeria since the year 2000 and has produced powerful leaders in the Nigerian MLM space.

#1 TREVO Nigeria

Founded in 2011 by Mark and Holli Stevens from the USA, TREVO is fast expanding globally, with offices all over Nigeria and in Africa.

TREVO has one unique health and wellness products, TREVO, which is a blend of 174 natural ingredients in one bottle.

With TREVO, you have the opportunity to build a global business from your home, and the support and training the company provides truly second to none.

This is indeed one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria 2019.

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Final Thoughts: 20 Top MLM and Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria 2019

In conclusion, this is my list of the 20 top MLM companies in Nigeria 2019

I’d love to hear from you.

Do you agree or disagree with my list?

Why or why not?

If you have any comments or feedback, please comment below!

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