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I was reading this book called the “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield recommended by Randy Gage. Very powerful material. In the book, the author talks about resistance as a concept.

war of art

Resistance, according to the author is anything that will try to stop you from achieving your work of art. Your work of art might be a book, a blog post, building a big business empire, or a lofty dream. A lot of us dream big, but we encounter resistance, and give up. The thing about this sort of resistance, is that it is internal, self sabotage usually done unconsciously. Most times, you will not know it is happening, because its something that sneaks up on you.

Let me paint this scenario. You want to write a book. You begin. Finish the first chapter, and then one morning, you decide you’re tired, you need a break, and you break routine, and don’t write anything for that day. Its not bad, but lets say this happens the second day, the third day, etc….then a month later, you open your PC to read your mail, and stumble across the manuscript of your book, that you are no longer motivated to write. What happened? Resistance won!

Same thing applies in our MLM careers . We have been programmed with so much lack thinking and victim mentality, and from people who think its spiritual to be poor, rich people are evil, etc, that when we consciously set goals like success in our MLM business, buying a new house, etc, we sabotage ourselves just close to the finish line, or at the first sign of adversity.

Check out the video below as I dig deeper into this.

Did you get value from the video? One of the first steps to overcoming resistance is to be aware of it. Be aware that resistance lies inside all of us, and can rear its head at the slightest instance. That awareness will help you when its go time.

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