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Want to boost your wealth mindset, and attract more wealth into your life? A lot of folk say they want more wealth in their lives but are carrying out actions that will do the opposite. In today’s post, I share three ways to repel a wealth mindset. If you practice any of them, chances are you will repel wealth from you, and end up not attracting the success you want into your life.

Suffer from Comparitis

This means comparing yourself to others. This is quite common especially in Network Marketing. A new guy comes in, and rises to the top of your MLM company in 3 months, and you have been grinding it out for a year, with little or no results. First of all, comparing yourself makes you feel bad and puts out a lot of negative energy which will come back to you. Also, most comparisons are done from a standpoint of envy. So you see a guy who came in and recruited 30 people in one week, and you immediately begin putting yourself down, or trying to find some “angle” the other guy might be using, instead of you to think abundantly and go “30 people in one week? Cool! I wonder how he did that!”.

Focus on what you lack vs what you want

A lot of us do this. We focus on our current circumstances, talk about them, and affirm them over and over, rather than focus on our vision of where we want to be. A lot of us justify focusing on our current circumstances, by saying “I am just telling it like it is”. One of my mentors, Ray Higdon says “Telling it like it is, keeps it like it is”. If you want things in your life to change, you need to craft a vision of your intended future or outcome and then focus on it, speak about it, and affirm it, till it becomes your reality. Brian Tracy says “successful people talk about what they want most of the time. Unsuccessful people talk about what they don’t want, most of the time”.

Constantly say over and over, how you cant afford that item or anything else

In “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki tells of how his rich dad made him change his vocabulary from saying “I can’t afford it” to “How can I afford it?”, reason being that when you say you can’t do something, or can’t afford something, your brain shuts down in relation to that problem, and stops looking for opportunities. Asking empowering questions like “How can I afford it”, opens your mind to possibilities and allows your mind to begin working on answers.

I hope this training has helped. I will continue with Part 2 in a later post!

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