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So, you have invited prospects to come for a live opportunity meeting, and you are excited. You feel, finally! This could actually help you build your business. You’re pumped up and ready to go.

You arrive at the presentation a bit early, and your prospects are no where to be found. You shrug it off, and maintain your optimism, “they will show up”, you tell yourself.

The presentation begins, and you crane your neck, looking for your prospects, and you do not see them. You bring out your phone checking for any missed calls or smses, and didn’t find any. Half way into the presentation, you begin to experience panic and disappointment. How dare they do this! Surely they knew how important it was to show up at the presentation.

This scenario ends with most people angrily picking up the phone and ranting or complaining to the prospect, about why they did not show up as promised. The problem with this scenario is that you are no longer in control of your emotions and energy and you lose posture.

The video below gives a bit of insight on how to manage your energy and emotions when prospects do not show up as promised.

Did you watch the video? What did you think? Its very important to manage your energy and emotions when disappointments like this happen. This gives you posture and control.
Almost every great networker has a story or stories of how they invited people to a seminar and almost no one turned up.

Rolf Kipp in his book “The most beautiful business on earth” talks about how he rented a hotel room, filled it with a buffet, and waited for his guests. Only two people showed up and one of them was a transvestite! He still went ahead, did the presentation, the two signed up (just because of the food …lol). Fast forward some years later, and Rolf was number 1 earner in his MLM because he didn’t allow himself to get dissapointed when his prospects didnt show up…most people would give up if they experienced something like that….don’t let that be you!

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