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black20businessmanOne of the things that prevents people from succeeding are feelings of low self esteem and worthiness issues.

Quite simply, there are a lot of people out there who feel success is for other people. They have been so programmed by society, to believe that its spiritual to be poor, rich people are evil, to keep their heads down, and infected with so many memes and mind viruses that they are content to read and hear about other peoples success instead of just going out there and creating their own.

They have sold themselves so many lies as to why success is not possible for them, that they believe them! And when they are confronted with stories and examples of people from similar circumstances, and even worse backgrounds who overcame, they attribute such peoples success to “luck” or “connections”.

If you want to break free (which you want to, else you won’t be reading this), then you need to accept that you deserve success, and that you are worthy of success.

If you do not believe inside you, deep in your heart, and your subsconscious, that you deserve success, then no matter how hard you work, you will sabotage yourself in every endeavour you undertake, and that includes your MLM business. A good way to reprogram your mind for success are by using affirmations and writing them out over and over.

Watch the video below where I go into details on this. The video might act up a bit, but its packed with value.

Did you get value from the video? You need to let yourself believe that you are worthy of success. Speak these words to yourself, and believe it from within, and you will see your business explode to new levels.

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