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5 Network Marketing Tips For Prospecting Strangers
Ever tried to prospect or connect with a stranger and had sweaty palms, and that sinking feeling at the bottom of your stomach?

If so, you are not alone.

Almost everyone who has been involved in the Network Marketing profession has felt that way.

Good news is that you can always improve and get better when you work on yourself.

So in todays post, I will be sharing 5 Network Marketing Tips which should come in handy when you meet strangers!

So grab a pen and lets do this!

Network Marketing Tips: Prospecting Vs Marketing

I see a lot of people in the online MLM and internet marketing space who bash MLM prospecting and call it “old school”, “outdated”, etc.

Now, while it is true that the internet has changed the game, and yes we should leverage technology, I believe that if you are SERIOUS about creating massive change, then the number 1 Network Marketing tip I can give you is you must prospect like a mad man.

You must go out and hustle and AT THE SAME TIME, begin learning internet marketing and attraction marketing strategies to brand yourself, so that you get to a point that you begin attracting people to you.

Online MLM has a high learning curve, and while you are learning, if you are prospecting out there, then people will be added to your business, and you will at least be making some profit.  So, lets go into todays main course 🙂

5 Network Marketing Tips For Prospecting Strangers

1. Be Attractive-

Make sure you look good.  Wear a good smile. Look sharp, open yourself up, and radiate positive energy. People will make up their minds about you within the first 90 seconds of meeting you, so swing the odds in your favor.

2. Connect And Compliment-

Say hello and smile, and then drop a compliment.  You could say something like “hello, how you doing? You look sharp. Are you from around here?” or something related to that. Then based on their reply, you can now ease into a conversation.

3. Introduce Your Self And Build Rapport-

At this point, you give your name and ask for theirs.  THEN you need to use their name in conversations.  So, something like…

Me:  “Oh, sorry, my name is John, whats yours?”

Prospect: “Dave”.

Throw in a handshake for good measure

Me: “Awesome Dave, nice meeting you bro…once again you look super the suit…you a businessman or what?”

I am building rapport here, and if Dave is a quality person, he should reply, tell me what he does, and we get a conversation going.

If Dave is negative then I exit the conversation. Powerful Network Marketing tip- Do not be afraid to take it away.

4. Magic Question-

You have built a bit of rapport with Dave, and now you want to go for the magic question. The magic question is a question which sets up the prospect to have a look at your MLM information, maybe a DVD, seminar, video, etc.

So an example could be:

Hey Dave I know we just met….just throwing it out there…would you be open to a side project which will not interfere with what you currently doing?”

OR  “Dave, you look super sharp, my company is expanding in this area and we looking for sharp people….can’t promise anything…but I like you…do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?”

If Dave is positive and wants to know more, I do not make the mistake most Network Marketers make, which is vomiting information on the prospect.  Network Marketing Tip: Say less to more people. 

5. Collecting Information

If Dave is positive and is asking me “What is it?”. I say something like

“Dave, I appreciate you interested, can’t talk too much right now, but lets exchange information and I’d follow up with you”


That last line was so good…just had to add a BOOM!

At this point, you take Dave’s information, (email, phone number, etc) tell him you’d call at a particular time (setting the appointment), and then ….

BONUS Network Marketing TIP….because I love ya.  🙂


So as to prevent further questioning. If you hang around, chances are like they are going to want to drill you for more information. And you might be tempted to give away the goodies.

Thats it. MLM Prospecting is not hard.  Now this scenario could be anywhere, like a restaurant, an office, even on a street corner, provided you can build the connection.

Remember, if they are negative at any point of the process, I will take it away. I do not need everybody in my business!

Did you get value from these Network Marketing tips on prospecting?  If you did, drop a comment, below, and like comment and share with your team!

Shoutout to Ray Higdon and Cesar Rodriguez for their material which I studied like crazy.

To Your Success!

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