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Another reason people fail in MLM is not following their company’s system. The system describes the optimum way of doing the business, and also ensures duplication, which is absolutely crucial in building your home based business.

The system is a roadmap, and is a tried and tested way. All you need to do as a new distributor or rep for your business is to plug in, and then teach your new team members the same.

Some systems could be as simple as inviting people to a seminar, then having your upline present to answer any questions. It could be as simple as giving an opportunity DVD to a prospect, then following up with the prospect, or holding home meetings where you invite prospects, and then playing a presentation DVD which does all the talking for you.

In all of these scenarios, the system involves the use of a third party tool, ie a website, a seminar, or a webinar, which is meant to explain the business, not you. Your job is simply to point the prospect to the tool.

Some people feel the need to reinvent the wheel and create their own systems which most often than not, leads to frustration. Lets say for instance you feel that blogging is the only way to generate leads for your business. You spend valuable time learning the ropes, SEO, PPC, wordpress, etc. During this time, you are probably doing your company autoship, and not signing up anyone. So, your business running at a loss. You could have used this time to invite prospects to view your presentation and sign them up. But still you kept on doing things your way till you woke up one day and discovered that you weren’t attracting any prospects, and hence you were not making any money.

Even if you were able to generate some leads….how duplicable is blogging? Not very. So your income will dry up in a matter of time.

At this point, rather than admit they made a mistake by not following the company’s system, they label it as a “scam” and drop out.

One of my mentors Randy Gage says….”whatever you do, do it in addition to, and not in place of, the company’s system”.

So yes I blog. Yes I advertise on facebook, and put up links to my capture pages, and do all the online stuff, but I am also calling people on the phone, and inviting them to view my company presentations, and being physically present, because I know that not everyone on my team will be able to do what I do online, but everyone can invite, hence the duplication.

Hope this has helped so far! Got two more to the end of these series!

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