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6-powerful-grant-cardone-quotes-to-help-you-dominateGrant Cardone needs no introduction.

He’s one of the most powerful entrepreneurs out there, and is an absolute beast at sales and marketing.

One thing I love about Grant “Uncle G” Cardone, is his no BS approach to business, and his domination mindset.

He has some powerful books like the 10x rule, sell or be sold, and others.

In today’s post, I have put together 6 powerful Grant Cardone quotes to make you dominate your business, and I am sure you’d get value.

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6 Powerful Grant Cardone Quotes To Make You Dominate

1. “Success is my duty, my obligation and my responsibility.” (click to tweet)

2. “Don’t be a little b**tch, champions dominate” (click to tweet)

grant cardone quotes

3. “Average is a failing formula” (click to tweet)

4.”Just because most don’t make it, doesn’t mean you can’t.” (click to tweet)

5.”Small” thinking, shall and always be punished, one way or another” (click to tweet)

6. “10x the actions, 10x the goals, and you will get everything you ever dreamed of.” (click to tweet)

Bonus Grant Cardone Quotes

7. “Spectators pay, players get paid” (click to tweet)

So which of the Grant Cardone quotes is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below. I personally like number 2…

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