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How to deal with Network Marketing Rejection is something most human beings hate.  We all hate it. But in  our profession, Network Marketing rejection is something you will face  more than once.  So this post should help you deal properly with  Network Marketing rejection.

3 Tips To Help With Network Marketing Rejection

1.Prepare yourself from the beginning-

You need to understand that so many people are still stuck on the job  circuit, which is not a bad thing. But transitioning from employee to  entrepreneur requires a massive shift in values and mindset, and many  people are not ready for that. So you need to understand that people  who do not understand Network Marketing will say no. And some people are just comfortable where they are. For some, it will not be the right time.

If you have this mindset, you will be able to handle Network Marketing rejection easier than the average person.

You also need to train your new rep not to go out and start spilling information about your business until they have been properly trained. In some cases, its recommended that when a new person is starting their Network Marketing business, they should focus on getting people to hear and see the exact same presentation rather than  go spilling their guts out to prospects. That way, the risk of rejection can be lowered.

2. Don’t take rejection personal

When people tell you no, do not take it personal.  Their no might be “no, not now”. Imagine you are at a restaurant, and a waitress offers you coffee. If you tell her, “no”, she moves on to the next customer with a smile. She doesn’t burst into tears and begin complaining about how she cannot serve coffee anymore because a customer said no. But sadly, thats how so many people handle network marketing rejection. They take it to heart, and make it all about them.  The next time you hear a no, just smile, and move on. They might be open later! Always remember that accepting no, is merely part of the process of finding people who will say yes.

3.Talk To More People-

One reason people do not handle network marketing rejection well is because they do not talk to a lot of people.  If you only had five people to talk to, and all of them told you no, then you would be discouraged. Professionals understand that they need to constantly be expanding their contacts. It could be by going out of your way to meet people, which is networking on purpose, or you can learn how to generate a constant stream of leads online, so you have a wider pool of people to talk to about your business. If you had 100 people to talk to, you would not be discouraged if 10 people told you no. Network marketing is simply a numbers game.  Knowing this principle is how the top earners have dodged the network marketing rejection rocket.

So I hope you got some value from these three tips on how to avoid Network Marketing rejection. Watch the video below where I share more on this.

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