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When I am out in the field prospecting, I come across people who have made up their minds not to be involved in Network Marketing. Most times, I simply thank such people for their time, and move on, because “A person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. There are too many people out there waiting for an opportunity for me to spend time convincing someone negative to be part of something which can change their lives.

But there are times I sit down with someone who has made up their minds not to do Network Marketing, and asked them why. And the main reason given most times is because they had been involved in Network Marketing in the past, and had had some bad experiences.

  • They had a bad upline
  • They did not get any support
  • The company went out of business
  • They joined a pyramid scheme thinking it was a legit MLM company, and it blew up in their faces
  • Some leaders kept valuable information from team members

And it goes on and on.

A lot of people are still carrying this baggage around, and as a result, sabotaging their chances for success. And even if you are one of those rare people who, despite past failures, still decided to join another Network Marketing company, chances are you might still be carrying around baggage from your past failures, and you need to let it go.

Take responsibility for your past mistakes, learn from them and move on. In my case, I failed in 5 different MLM’s, and did not want to have ANYTHING to do with Network Marketing. But when I did some soul searching, I realized that even though the companies had their issues, I was the one always present at the scene of the crime. In other words, I was the one creating these scenarios over and over. I could have stuck with those companies if I really wanted to, but I gave up on some after a time.

I owned up to my mistakes, and decided to persist, and work the current MLM I am with now, and I am beginning to see results.

Whatever past mistakes, whatever past failures you have had in Network Marketing…

  • Learn from them.
  • Take responsibility. If you do some soul searching, you might find out some mistakes you made, or things you could have done better.
  • Let the past go.

Holding on to those past mistakes will not serve you. Using your past mistakes in Network Marketing and life in general as an excuse for not embracing new opportunities and challenges will just keep attracting the same crap into your life. Its toxic. Trust me.

You need to give up your mistakes, and the baggage of the past.

You need to give up to go up.

Let it go, and step into a new future and become whom you were meant to be.

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