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MLM Prospecting- How To Recruit Friends And FamilyWondering about how to recruit your friends and family into your business?  Does that idea of telling your close friends and family about your business fill you with fear as regards MLM prospecting?

If so, you might find todays post helpful, as I share valuable tips on why I think you should still go after your friends and family and HOW to go about it.

Should You Go After Your Family In Network Marketing Prospecting?

Theres normally a lot of controversy about if you should go after your friends and family when you’re doing your MLM prospecting.

Some so called online gurus tout the idea that its “old school” and “the internet killed it”. I do not buy that idea. It sounds too lazy and convenient.

If you had a product or service that had value, why wouldn’t you tell your friends and family about it?

I think it is more about HOW people go after their friends and family that puts them off.

For me, its all about your posture and the energy you project when letting them know what you’re up to, and off course, not being addicted to the outcome.

So for me, once you have the mindset that you are just letting them know what you’re doing, and you do not care if they join you or not, I am sure your MLM prospecting and recruiting will get better results.

Watch this video where I share my thoughts on how to recruit friends and family during your MLM prospecting.

Did you get value from this video where I shared serious MLM prospecting tips on how to recruit your friends and family? You can see that its more about the posture, and how you come across, and not trying to pressure them or twist their arms to join your business.

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To your success!

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