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MLM Prospecting StagesIf you want to experience serious Network Marketing success, then you will need to have a steady flow of new people to talk to about your business.

Which means you have to prospect and actively look for new people.

Now, if you are struggling with MLM prospecting, then you might get value from this post.

MLM Prospecting System

I am going to do a four part series on effective MLM prospecting which should help you. Now in MLM prospecting there are four major stages:

1. Contact– Actively reaching out to new people (Which is today’s topic)

2. Invitation – Getting People to see your opportunity presentation

3.Recruiting– Signing up new reps

4. Plugging new reps into a training system and getting them started.

How To Get Contacts-

A lot of people complain that MLM prospecting is hard, and that they cannot get quality people to talk to. Now you need to understand that when you are in Network Marketing, you need to network on purpose and operate at a higher stage of awareness.  Open your eyes. Notice people around you, and do not be afraid to reach out and make friends. If you were someone who was used to being on their own, and not even saying hello to your neighbor, you will need to change that.

Go out of your way to meet people. Attend seminars, visit a bookstore, join a group at your church, post engaging content on Facebook that will have people reaching out to you! Its simple!

Watch this video on how to get contacts effectively with your MLM Prospecting

Did you get value from the video? You can see that getting contacts is simple. Your goal is to make friends and just get their contact information and bounce, and not immediately pitch them your opportunity on first contact.

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To Your Success!  Watch out for the other video on invitation!

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