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MLM Recruiting Tips- How To Recruit Using Live Events.

If your company has opportunity meetings, then you might enjoy todays post where I am going to share some MLM recruiting tips on how to recruit using MLM business opportunity meetings.

Why Use MLM Business Opportunity Meetings?

A lot of people focus on just using the phone to sign up prospects and doing everything  online, and while I am not against using the internet to build your business (you  should), the thing most people seem to forget is that Network Marketing is a person to  person business.

You are likely to get more sign ups when your prospect has a physical, face to face  connection with you, and can also see other people present. And the best way to leverage on that is to use a network marketing business opportunity meeting.

The Power Of MLM Events

Attending events in your Network Marketing company is absolutely crucial if you are serious about Network Marketing success, and that includes business opportunity meetings.  Your prospects get to meet you, and also experience social proof, that other people are actually doing this, and its something they might be a part of. People want to be part of something, and the energy and passion they will feel at a live event or business opportunity meeting might be the final key to getting them to sign up.

3 MLM Recruiting Tips

1. Get Your Prospects There On Time

If your prospects get to the business opportunity meeting late, they are likely to miss out on important information, which could reduce their chances of signing up. If you’re in a health and wellness MLM and you usually begin with product first, then the compensation plan, and your prospect shows up half way, then they will not understand your product well, and are less likely to show up.

One of the MLM recruiting tips I personally implement is to make sure my prospects show up 15 minutes before time, and get a front seat, so they will have the best opportunity to absorb all the information.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Prepare your prospects mind. Let them know this is something important. Encourage them to switch off their mobile phones. Some people I know go as far as to collect the mobile phones of their prospects, and give them back after the presentation. This might be extreme, so you could settle for just encouraging them to switch off their phones.

3. Positioning

This is one of the serious MLM recruiting tips.  If your prospect is sitting in front of a pillar which is obstructing their view of the presenter, then they are less likely to sign up, as they will experience a disconnect. Make sure they are put directly in front of the presenter and this will eliminate more distractions.

Other MLM Recruiting Tips For Live Events

Introduce your guests to the leaders or presenters. Sometimes a testimony from one of the top earners could impact your prospect. At times it could be a health testimony your company product helped solve.

Go For The Close-

Sit your prospect down and take them through the closing process. Ask them the normal closing questions, what they enjoyed about the presentation, and then you collect a decision.

Hope you got value from this blog post where I shared major MLM recruiting tips on how to use MLM business opportunity meetings to recruit more people?  If you got value, like, comment and share.

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