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mlm-success-training-how-to-share-your-storyIn today’s MLM success Training, I am going to share something very important with you.

One of the fastest ways to build rapport with a prospect is by sharing your own story.

We all have stories.

You have one, despite whatever you might think.

I am going to share how you can leverage on your own personal story, and build MLM success!

So grab a pen, and I’m sure you’d get value!

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MLM Success Training- How To Share Your Personal Story

A personal story shared, creates a connection with your prospect.

In fact, one of the fastest ways to connect with the audience as a public speaker is by sharing a story.

In Network Marketing, your story might be past failures, or successes about the product or opportunity.

If you have not had a story, you can also use someone ease’s.

Before I began earning any money with my current MLM, I used other peoples stories.

If people told me they were broke and couldn’t join, I’d say “Hey, so and so didn’t have any cash when they joined….they had to borrow, and now they earn over 10k dollars per month”.

Get my point?

Once I began to earn, I told people how I worked over 4 different MLM’s and didn’t earn anything substantial, until now.

When I did that, I noticed people began listening to me.

I had just come out of church last Sunday with Le girlfriend, and stopped by a stand, where this dude was trying to sell me on some natural energy canned drink.

I asked him Hey, if I showed you something better, would you be interested?”

Of course he said yes.

He now proceeded to ask what it was about and I said Can’t say much, but its a business opportunity”.

He goes “Ok, I hope its not networking“.

My ears pricked up, and I asked him why.

Turned out he had previously been in some pyramids schemes masquerading themselves as legit MLMs, and got burned.

I made him understand that, and told him “Hey, I was in four MLM’s before, I failed, lost a lot of money, but belief kept me in the game, and now I have began to earn!”

Short, sweet and simple.

He was interested. I took his number, and told him, “Hey, check it out, I think its something you might like, if not, no problem!” and boom! I got a new lead, no whining, no begging.

Never underestimate the importance of your own story, and always listen to your prospects objections, to find out where they are coming from….

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