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MLM Tips: Things Never To Say To MLM ProspectsA lot of people search for the right MLM tips, tricks and scripts so they can recruit and close more prospects.

But while that is important, you also need to know that there are some things you must NEVER say to any prospect or new recruit whatsoever.

In fact, some of the reasons Network Marketing has gotten a bit of a bad rep is because of people saying these things and making false promises…

So in todays MLM Tips I will be sharing on some things you must never say to a prospect, no matter how badly you want a sign up..

So grab a pen and paper and hopefully you will get value from these Network Marketing tips!

MLM Tips:  Why People Say The Wrong Stuff

Most times people say the wrong things  to prospects out of desperation.  Its understandable, especially if you have burnt your bridges and you are coming from a place where you really need your business to take off.

But If you want to have long term success in Network Marketing, one of the major Network Marketing Tips I can share is that you must learn to manage your emotions, no matter how bad it looks.

If you keep saying the wrong things to prospects and promising stuff you cannot deliver on, then you will set yourself up for failure long term.

3 Things Never To Say-

  1. I will build your business for you–  I see this online a lot, and it is just sad. It gives credence to the lie that Network Marketing is a get rich quick scheme and you do not have to do any work. When people discover there is serious work involved, they go away with a bad feeling, because you made them a promise you couldn’t keep. Tell it as it is, and let the ones who cannot handle it go away.

Better to work with 2 leaders than 20 people with an entitlement mindset.  (Click to tweet this!)

Want to know the other two things NOT to say to prospects?  Watch the video below. Don’t skip it…it could help you!

VIDEO: MLM Tips- 3 Things Never To Say To Prospects

Did you get value from those Network Marketing tips?  I hope you can now see the value of holding your posture, and holding fast to your integrity.  Lets raise the vibration in our profession and not make promises we cannot keep, all because you want a signup.

So if you got value, do like on social media and share with your teammates, and you can drop me a comment below.

To your success!

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