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MLM Tips-Avoiding ConvincingOne of the most common objections I hear people give for not doing Network Marketing is that “I do not know how to convince people”.

Its seriously crazy, the number of people out there who believe that in Network Marketing, you have to “convince” and “bend” people to do your bidding.

I used to think that way until I discovered that Network Marketing, when done right, is not about convincing or begging people!

In fact, the idea that you need to convince people to join your opportunity is one of the biggest traps out there in MLM.

I’m basically going to share  with you today, some MLM tips on avoiding the trap of convincing people.

MLM Tips: To Convince Or Not?

This quote below by Dale Carnegie  summarizes whether you should be convincing people to join you or not:

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” (Click to tweet).

If you spend hours convincing a bad prospect why they should join you and if they eventually join, they will make your life miserable in your business. They are the ones who expect you to babysit them, place people under them, and do their autoships, and its just a tip of the iceberg.

Watch this video where I share more MLM tips on if you should be convincing people to join you or not.

Did you watch this video? If not, please stop what you’re doing and watch it! If you did, did you see why convincing people to join your business is a waste of time? You want leaders, and the cream of the crop, who see an opportunity. Not people you’d have to beg, cajole and babysit.

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To your MLM Success.

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