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Network Marketing Tips- Your product is too expensiveEver get the network marketing objections that your MLM products or services were too expensive?

If you have been working your business for a while now, have had that objection.

It can be very frustrating.

If YOU don’t learn to handle this objection, it could affect your mindset and business.

In today’s Network Marketing tips, I will share how I deal with network marketing objections like these.

I am sure you will get value!

Network Marketing Objections–When They Tell You Your Product Is Too Expensive

So I was reading Brian Tracy’s psychology of selling,

And Brian talked about how there are buyers who will NEVER buy your product.

They have made up their minds and there is nothing to do about that.

In fact, since they have decided not to buy, they now come up with pesky objections like…

“Your product is too expensive….yen yen yen”

When I meet someone who says my product is too expensive, I first like to check out their mindset.

I can ask something like “compared to what?”.

If their comparison is valid, I could try to handle their objection.

If I detect negative energy, I might walk away and not convince anyone.

Watch this video below where I go into deeper details on how to handle this objection:

Did you learn how to handle network marketing objections like your product being too expensive?

And did you watch the video at all? 

If you didn’t watch the video, then you would be robbing yourself of some serious value which might help you in the prospecting field.

If you did watch it, feel free to drop a comment, and share with your team and anyone who you think might benefit from this training.

To your success!

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