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Network Marketing Tips- Leadership Vs ManagementDo you want to know a very subtle trap most network marketers fall into when building their businesses?

I am sure you might have fallen into it at one time in your business.

If you have recently noticed that your business has not been growing as it should be, then it could be you are making this same mistake.

In todays network marketing tips we are going to be looking at an important question…

Are you leading or managing your team?  So grab a pen, take notes, because I am sure you’re going to get some awesome value!

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Network Marketing Tips- The management trap.

I was studying Randy Gages “7 Laws Of Network Marketing Leadership”  (Download Link Below) and one of the laws he put out was

“Do not manage your team. Lead them”Randy Gage (Click To Tweet)

He went on to explain that some people recruit a bunch of people into their business and try to sit around give them instructions and manage their team, which can backfire. What you need to be doing is inspiring.

Watch the video below where I share my own network marketing tips and takeaways from this:

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