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Online network marketing- quality vs quantity-In todays post, I talk about something very important in online network marketing, which is this…

When generating leads, which is very important?  Going for a lot of leads coming in (Quality) Vs Focusing on a targeted niche of people who want what you got? (Quality)

A lot of people online are always talking about how they want more traffic, more leads etc and that in itself is not a bad thing.

But if you have a lot of traffic and a lot of leads who are not interested in your stuff, then theres an issue.  In todays post, I answer the question of whats better…quality vs quantity.

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Online Network Marketing Tips- Quality Vs Quantity

You can have a lot of traffic coming your way, and maybe you are generating loads of leads per day, and thats cool….but are those leads qualified and targeted and hungry to buy what you’re selling?  Watch the video below where I share more on how to balance quality and quantity.

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