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Leadership2I come across a lot of people who brand themselves with their company name, and that’s fine. It shows the level of passion they have for their primary MLM company. I see a lot of guys on Facebook, who even use the company as a middle name, so imagine a company called eternal oranges, and I see someone on Facebook calling himself James “Eternal Oranges” Brown.

You get the idea.

The issue with this is that if the company goes down, then you lose your branding and positioning. If you have been prospecting online and building a presence with eternal oranges, and the company goes out of business, then you will have to begin from scratch, because everyone would associate you with eternal oranges. You also have no control over the prospects you brought in.

Hence the idea of personal branding. Building “You inc.” Branding is simply the position you occupy in the minds of your prospects, and its based on the value you offer them. If all you’re doing is shouting “join me, join my MLM”, then there’s a problem, because other network marketers and leaders might simply ignore your message, and treat you as another person pitching their opportunity. But when you lead with value, solve their problems, and build your own brand, then you will attract a lot of people to you, and you can build your list of contacts who know and respect you as an expert. And if your primary MLM goes out of business, then you will not struggle so hard to rebuild. Note this: In this business, people join people, not companies. People will only join those they feel represent value, and leadership.

If you look at the MLM industry, most of the top earners and leaders have their own brand. They have also mastered an area, be it prospecting, online lead generation, SEO, blogging, etc, knowledge of which they can offer as value to both prospects and network marketers. They have products which can be sold to both Network Marketers and non network marketers, and so they are making money whether or not you join their MLM. In fact, most of them lead with value (a product that solves their prospects problems), and offer their MLM business on the back end. Sometimes, prospects actually contact such leaders wanting to work with them…and that is where the term “attraction marketing” comes from.

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