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Vemma Nigeria MLM

I guess you landed on this page because you’re looking to either join a MLM or Network  Marketing Company in Nigeria, or you are looking for some information about the  Vemma Nigeria MLM business opportunity.

Vemma is a health and wellness MLM opportunity, and health and wellness is the wave    of the future. If you need convincing about the health and wellness industry, read my post:

3 reasons to join a health and wellness MLM.

I will give an unbiased view of the vemma Nigeria MLM, so pay attention.

Lets say right off the bat, that though I am not part of the Vemma Nigeria MLM business, that I have lots of respect for the parent company, the CEO, BK Boreyko, and many of my mentors are from that particular company, but I digress.

Vemma Nigeria is part of Vemma Africa, and is a franchise owned by two top distributors of the mother company VEMMA USA, and they are Ken Stewart, and Clay CJ Jackson. Clay has been on the top 100 earners worldwide in MLM list, so they both have a lot of MLM experience.

I was actually registered during the 2012 pre launch, when one of the franchise owners came to Nigeria, held seminars, and all, and promising the company would launch in Nigeria in some months, but since nothing materialized after that year, I had to move on. The Vemma Nigeria MLM launched Nigeria officially in 2014, I believe.

However, the fact that the Vemma Nigeria MLM or Vemma Africa MLM is a franchise owned by two distributors and not exactly part of the main company is a red flag for me, because I would have preferred being connected directly to the main company. It means that everything operational wise in Africa is not the main companies business, but run by the franchise owners, and that implied disconnect is disconcerting for me.

So is the Vemma Nigeria MLM a legit business opportunity? Yes it is. So that is one hurdle crossed. You can build your vemma Nigeria MLM business knowing its not a pyramid scheme and will not be shut down any time soon.

Now vemma has a very good nutritional supplement, Vemma mangosteen, and also their energy drink, Verve, which has won a lot of awards in the USA. Their supplement has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) value of like 100,000 plus, and the vemma supplement is made up of the following (four major components):

  • Essential Vitamins
  • Aloe Vera
  • Mangosteen
  • Green Tea

If you’re interested in checking out their product sheet, click here to download.

Now, how do you get paid? Its quite simple really.

The Vemma Nigeria MLM distributorship is free, which will attract opportunists,  but you have to purchase a certain amount of product to be active. You activate with at least 15,000 Naira worth of product or 60 QV. And this has to be done at least monthly for you to be active.  You can come in on higher levels by buying affiliate packs of products of 90,000 Naira or 93,000 Naira which will give you at least 500 QV points.

if you enroll someone who purchases one of the Affiliate packs, you earn a $100 USD fast start bonus. The person purchasing the one pack gets 500 QV, which makes them eligible for the Premier Club Car Program once they’re qualified, and 250 points go back into the compensation plan. The Affiliate Packs are 90,000 naira for the Mangosteen Affiliate Pack, the Verve Affiliate Pack is 93,000, and the Combo Affiliate Pack is 91,500 Naira.

Now as a vemma affiliate you get the standard stuff, website, mobile app, products, and hopefully, a supportive upline, depending on who refers you to be business.

Now, how do you still get paid?  The vemma Nigeria MLM makes use of a binary plan. In a binary pay plan, you can have two legs alone or two legs below you.  Something like this:

Vemma Nigeria MLM compensation plan

For me personally, binary plans are not my cup of tea.

  • I have to sponsor two people before I get paid anything.
  • I have to constantly keep balancing my legs, and in most binary pay plans, you get paid on the weaker leg.
  • I am only restricted to building two teams. For me, I would love to have unlimited (unilevel legs) and get paid for each leg I build

The advantages are that if you bring in enough people, you end up having to place people under people. Some might say it develops team work, but you might end up creating a culture of people who are too dependent on spillovers. Another advantage is the mental edge you have of knowing you just have two teams. But if anyone tells you you only need to build two teams, or bring in two people…thats a lie. You could bring in two people who won’t duplicate. So you have to become a recruiting beast, which is normal in any MLM.

Vemma  has different ways of making money. The comp plan is quite detailed, but you can have a look here, but its the standard stuff of customer bonuses (paid when you enroll a new customer, team bonuses, matching bonuses, cycling bonuses (your two teams have to do a particular amount of volume for you to cycle), etc.

They also recently launched their diamond club program which is their car program. You receive $400 to $600 to $800 to $1,200 to $1,800 to $2,500 to $3,000 to $3,500 to a whopping $4,000 USD a MONTH based on your “paid as” rank, provided you have met the various qualification requirements.

So in conclusion, the vemma Nigeria MLM plan is quite solid. VEMMA USA has been around for 10 years, and in spite of the issues surrounding it, the company seems to be waxing strong. So it is a valid opportunity, and if you join it and work hard, and pay the price, you will succeed.

However, personally, after waiting ages since February 2012  for the Vemma Nigeria MLM launch which did not deliver on its promise, I had to personally move on to other things.

I do have mad love for Vemma, they blazed a trail in the health and wellness industry, and I give them that respect, plus I have loads of friends in it, who are doing quite well, so once again, this is not an attempt to slander another MLM/Network Marketing company in Nigeria, just to get cheap traffic.

So, if you want to join the Vemma Nigeria MLM, I wont discourage you.  I wish you the best. Like in any other MLM, roll up your sleeves and work hard. There is nothing like something for nothing. Learn the skills and pay the price, and you will succeed.


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