3 Tips To Avoid Network Marketing Failure A lot of people complain about how Network Marketing has a high  failure rate, and thats one of the reasons a lot of people run away from  Network Marketing.

The Right Attitude Toward Network Marketing Failure

The truth is that being a master at anything takes a lot of time and  effort. Theres a high failure rate in getting to the top of anything. I am  sure most of you reading this would like to avoid Network Marketing  failure, and rise to become a top earner in your company.

In today’s post, I am going to share three tips which, if applied can at  least help you avoid Network Marketing failure, and set you on the  right path towards becoming a success in your company

How To Avoid Network Marketing Failure

Adjust Your Mindset-

It always begins with your mindset. One major way to avoid Network Marketing Failure is to set  your mindset into that of  a business owner. Lets face it. A high percentage of people who come into Network Marketers are employees. They have been programmed their whole lives to go to school, and get a safe secure job, and the likes. So now, they come into Network Marketing and have to deal with taking personal responsibility for their own lives, and dealing with rejection, and not having a monthly paycheck.  So its no surprise that they experience Network Marketing failure when they decide to quit.

Stop Trying To Recruit People Who Aren’t Open-

Another way people experience Network Marketing failure is this. Most times when a new rep is signed up, they are so excited they go out and try to talk to everyone. Which is ok. But in the course of trying to talk to people, they discover people who are not open. People who the timing for joining the business is not yet right for them, or people who just are not open to Network Marketing or making another source of income.

Rather than politely leave them and move on, they keep arguing and pushing and prodding prospects, and trying to shove the opportunity down their throats. I don’t know about you, but this is entirely tiring, and doing this over and over will make you lose friends, and family, and burn you out. NEVER argue or push people who aren’t open. Take their details and follow up with them in future.

Stop Trying To Drag People Over The Finish Line

A lot of people out there have this mistaken belief that Network Marketing is about overcoming objections, convincing people at all costs, twisting their arms, and dragging them over the finish line using motivation, and pushy methods.  Doing that, is the sure way to Network Marketing Failure.  In my own experience, trying to convince people never works. Someone said “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”. If you’re a smooth talker and good closer, you might be able to convince the person to sign up. Then you will now have to force the person to duplicate. Then force the person to prospect. Then force the person to do their monthly order, and on and on.  If you do this over and over, one day you will get so tired and burnt out, you might just do what the majority do, and quit, and BAM! Network Marketing failure.

Never try to drag people over the finish line.  Burn the last sentence into your brain. If I see a prospect is giving me some negative energy, or doesn’t return my calls, I don’t bother.  If I see the prospect is hesitant, I don’t try to drag them over the finish line. I use what Ray Higdon taught me, which is I pull back and I can ask the prospect, “So why do you think this is a fit for you”?Why are you looking at a home based business”?   Then I let the prospect talk themselves, in or out of it.

If you follow these tips, I am sure you will be able to avoid Network Marketing failure, and will be well on your way to being a success in your company!

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