9 Reasons To Never Give Up!
Ever wanted to throw in the towel, and just quit?   It has happened to the best of us.  Maybe its when you might have spoken to a bunch of people who didn’t sign up, or you met people who said your presentation was nice, and they later vanished.

Truth is that there are a bunch of reasons why you should give up if you want to. But there are also reasons why you should never give up and why you should stay in the game and persist until you succeed. (Click to tweet)

I know the term “never give up” is a bit of a cliche, but I think you can never get too much of constant reminders why you should never give up on your goals and dreams and stay in the game!

So in todays post, I am sharing 9 reasons and MLM success tips to never give up!

9 Reasons To Never Give Up…especially in Network Marketing and your home based business!

Theres this quote I stumbled on regarding Network Marketing Success.

” In Network Marketing you either succeed or quit. There is no failure”. (Click to tweet).

So check out more reasons which explain why you should never give up!

1.  You Have Not Tried Everything Yet-  This is true. There are always new strategies and techniques, and books out there you have not read or applied. One of them could change your business.

2. You are closer to success than you think  – This is often the case. Remember the story of “3 feet from Gold” in “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill?  When you want to give up, always remember this.

3. If you don’t finish, someone else will  (Click to tweet) – That is a fact, and one of the major MLM success tips out there. If you give excuses and say your company isn’t working and quit, someone else will join after you, and crush it and make your excuses look like nonsense.

4. Right before success, there is a dark place. (Click to tweet)

5. If you give up, then what?  (Click to tweet) – Absolutely my point! Most people who give up, give up because they have an alternative..either a job that pays them just enough so they do not quit, or something else. Always ask yourself this. “If I give up, then what”?

6. You’ll never regret trying until the end (Click To Tweet This)

7. Its better to DIE trying than to give up.  – This way, on your deathbed, you will have the confidence to look at yourself and say “I gave it all it took”.

8. Past failure does not predict the future  (Click to tweet)

9. As long as you are alive, anything is still possible. – When theres life there’s hope! As long as you’re still breathing, theres still room to grow, improve, and meet new mentors who will get you to the next level!

Did you get value from these 9 reasons  and MLM success tips on why you should never give up?  If you did, share this with your team and with someone who you think needs to hear this. Drop a comment also!

Heres to your success, and never never never give up on your dreams!

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