Network Marketing Tips- Lessons From The FieldHave you ever wondered what would happen if you left your comfort zone and took a chance with your Network Marketing business?

In todays Network Marketing tips, I am going to share some of my own personal experiences in taking a risk with my business, and basically pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
So if you have been wondering what to do to push your business to the next level, todays Network Marketing Tips will help

Network Marketing Tips From The Field

So sometime this January, I was a bit discontented. I asked myself how I would hit some of the top ranks in my Network Marketing business, and how my business would improve.

This is one of the major Network Marketing tips for today…if you do not do anything different this year, you will get the same results you did as last year.

After examining myself, I came up with the plan of launching my business in another city. It was a bit scary for me, I had to go somewhere else, where a different language was spoken and a totally different culture but I did it anyways.

So here are some Network Marketing tips from my journey:

1.  Your spirit knows what you need to do. So listen to it.

Just ignore fear and launch out.  I was scared, didn’t have enough money, and didn’t have a place to stay at all, but I did it anyways, and most of the obstacles sorted themselves out eventually.

2. Don’t waste time analyzing and strategizing…just do it!

I just launched out into the street and began just sharing my opportunity with people. I would simply walk up to any random person I felt was a good prospect, and I would begin a conversation with the aim of inviting them to a local business opportunity meeting.

3. Be willing to break rules at times-

Most gurus and trainers say do not mention your company name, etc, but I found out that in an area where no one knows you, you can get away with going straight to the point, telling them my company was expanding and we were looking for sharp people, and giving them some promo material, getting their numbers and inviting them.  I found out my prospecting ratio went up significantly, and I was getting people to see the presentation.

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone-

Do what makes you uncomfortable. Thats where the breakthrough is. I did that this year by launching out into an area with a different language, culture, etc, but I noticed I felt very alive and on track to hitting my goals.

So hope you got value from these Network Marketing tips. If you did, like, comment, and share with anyone who you think might benefit.  I might not be blogging consistently as the networks a bit shaky here, but will still try to drop the value.

To your success!


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