Network Marketing Recruiting Tips When I speak with a lot of people involved in Network Marketing, they  major problem they face is that of Network Marketing recruiting, and  its understandable, because if you are not actively  recruiting new reps  into your business, then you do not have a business in the first place.

Now just a quick question, how would your life and business improve if  you massively improved in your Network Marketing recruiting? Maybe  you would hit the next ranks in your company, or qualify for a travel  incentive or bonus.  Anyways, if you have been struggling in your  Network Marketing recruiting, then in todays video, I share two major  tips which should help you improve your recruiting, so read on.

Two Major Mistakes In Network Marketing Recruiting

There are two major mistakes that I see people make in their Network Marketing recruiting efforts.

Weak Mindset/Posture-

A lot of people fail in this area. They have a weak mindset and a weak posture when it comes to recruiting. They come off as needy. They “need” to sign up the prospect. They “need” the fast start bonus. This neediness gets so bad that if a prospect has a bad attitude, they accept it. You need to realize that there are less of us, and more of them, and practice an abundance mindset. When you stop being “needy”, then the magic begins to happen. I talk about this more in the video, and even give a recent experience with a prospect trying to take away my own power.

Talking too much-

So I was trying to counsel a rep for my own company who complained that he was “talking to people” on the phone and getting no results. When I dug deeper, it turned out his idea of “talking to people” was talking on and on about the products and the compensation plan, sometimes spending 10 minutes on the phone with prospects.

It was no wonder he felt burned out. If you speak more than 2 minutes on the phone, you are talking too much. Your goal is to “say less to more people” If your lips are moving, then you need to be pointing to something. Either a live presentation, a website, or a DVD which will do the presentation for you. This allows you to save your time, and is highly duplicable.

Check out today’s video where I explain more about these mistakes people make in Network Marketing recruiting, and I share two Network Marketing recruiting tips which should help you considerably.

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